Our services

Financing services

Prior to an acquisition funding sources are evaluated in accordance with the investor’s capital strength, risk appetite and desired capital structure. By IBEL Group foreign capital is evaluated, not only in terms of traditional bank financing but also alternative sources such as ALMI funding, government support, venture capital, joint venture, partnership, mutual funds and bonds. Some funding from abroad may be possible but mostly by investors with an establishment in the founding country. IBEL group is representing the investor through a power of attorney which allows credit commitment on behalf of individuals or a group of investors.

Transactional services

Investors contract IBEL Group to seek a specific inquisitional object within a certain geographic region, industry or that fits within a certain financial frame. First a target company is identified and a research is defined together with the contractor, which includes preferred purchase price, transaction costs and a financial plan. Then IBEL Group proceeds to lead the project management phase of the research conducted by members of IBEL Group and contracted advisors. Now normally a due diligence process of legal, commercial and financial nature is conducted, which is followed by IBEL Group feeding back the result of the research before advising to proceed with the transaction, implemented by  a power of attorney from the investors.

In addition to investment consultation as daily activity, IBEL Group representatives also valuate and implement exit plans and negotiations in connection to realization schemes on behalf of investors.

Business development

On completion of the transaction, IBEL Group has an exclusive agreement to manage and develop the acquired company on behalf of an individual or a group of investors. Due to the fact that IBEL Group representatives have been involved from the beginning of the acquisition process they will provide a good insight of opportunities and faults of the acquisition. IBEL Group employees usually represent investors in non-executive, executive and interim management groups on MD and senior management levels. By IBEL Groups participation in business decisions and overall financial control the investors, which IBEL Group represent, are essentially active in the company’s business on a daily basis as well as in the long-term corporate management.